PPC: Are Retargeting and Remarketing the Same Thing?
Retargeting and remarketing are terms which are used quite often in the conversations we have with our clients – we are PPC specialists Manchester after all. However, not everyone is clear as to what these words mean, and what the differences between them are – and this is really important stuff to know. Retargeting and...
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PPC Manchester
We have been offering Pay Per Click Manchester Management services for many years now, and it is something that we really believe in helping businesses to achieve their personal objectives – but we know that for many people it is an area that they don’t know a lot about. So, here is our essential guide...
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PPC Conversion Rates
Organic reach is changing. Particularly if you’re using PPC Manchester based strategies. And these changes aren’t particularly good. Brands wanting to reach audiences now have a higher mountain to climb. As a result, Search Engine Marketing will likely be the way brands recapture attention. However, this makes for a lot of competition. The question is,...
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Your PPC campaign success comes down to your click-through rate (CTR) and reducing your cost-per-click (CPC). As PPC specialists in Manchester, we know the best practices to execute in both areas. We offer our services for PPC management in Manchester through our agency, guaranteeing companies like yours get real results from your investment. But whether...
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