SEO MCR's Guide to Local PPC

Local PPC is a form of online advertising that targets local consumers. You can run local PPC Manchester ads on social networks or search engines. The strategy typically involves using local keywords and geotargeting. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad with this strategy.

You know that it’s difficult to reach the right audience if you own or operate a local business. And it can be even more challenging when the budget is tight.

However, with local PPC campaigns and the help of a PPC agency Manchester, you can run profitable online advertising without breaking the bank. In the paragraphs that follow, we’re going to discuss the advantages of local PPC.

Here are the top reasons to use local PPC.

#1 Helps you run more relevant ads

By setting up local PPC ads, you can target only those individuals who are most likely to be interested in your business. You can control who you’re targeting, so your ads will only appear in front of the right audiences.

With more local campaigns, you’ll see less competition and more clicks and conversions. This is because you won’t be competing with national big names, so your budget will go a lot further.

#2 Helps to increase brand awareness

Getting your business’ name out there and in front of your audience is a great way to increase brand awareness. Even if those people don’t turn into customers, brand awareness is important for a local business’ success.

Getting your local business’ name out there is even more important.

Your local PPC campaign can increase brand awareness simply by putting your name before your audience. Even if those people don’t convert, brand awareness is essential for the success of a local business.

#3 Improves conversion rates

It’s more important than ever to run a local PPC campaign because of people shifting to online shopping.

Search ads work especially well when people are actively looking for a solution to their problems.

#4 Local PPC ads are easier to track

Local PPC ads are easier to track than other local marketing tactics like banners or flyers. You can see impressions, clicks, and conversions with these ads.

Local PPC ads provide information about how many times an ad was viewed, how many times it was clicked, and how many conversions resulted from the ad. This kind of marketing is great for tracking results.

#5 Local PPC ads are easy to set up

PPC ads allow you to reach people who are not already following you, making it easy to find new customers. Moreover, most of the PPC process is simplified in the platform.

It’s a good place to start with PPC if you’re just starting out online. You don’t need to be an expert in SEO to create a local PPC campaign.

PPC ads can be tailored to appeal to people outside of your existing follower base, making it easy to find new customers. In most PPC platforms, the process is straightforward.

#6 There is a lot of flexibility built into Local PPC ads

With local PPC ads, you have flexibility in choosing your target audience. You may target geographic locations or specific behaviours.

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to local PPC advertising. You can choose the amount you’re willing to spend and set a cap on how much you’re willing to spend.

You can either scale up if things go well, or you can pause campaigns if you need to.

You can run local PPC ads and target users based on a variety of factors. You can choose whether to target users based on geolocation or on specific actions.

Local PPC strategy tips

Now that we know what local PPC is and the advantages of running a local PPC campaign, let’s review the top strategies for starting a local PPC campaign.

#1 Be very specific with the location

When you’re more specific about location, you’ll spend your budget wisely so your ad will never appear to someone who can’t use your service.

#2 Use location-specific keywords

You should include the location in your ad. For example, including the city name in your title can eliminate unqualified clicks on your ad, saving you money and not having to pay for a click that won’t convert.

#3 Use A/B testing to optimise your ads

With local PPC campaigns, you can quickly test and optimize your ads based on immediate results.

When you see an ad performing well or underperforming, make quick changes to your local PPC strategy.


Implementing a local PPC strategy can be a cost-effective way to reach local audiences and increase brand awareness.

If you want to quickly increase your sales and your reach, or optimise your advertising strategies, then hiring a local PPC agency that specialises in pay-per-click Manchester is right for you. Contact SEO MCR to find out about the best option for your business.

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