What are the Different Types of Google Ads?

As PPC specialists Manchester Search ads are often designed to get users to click on them. Ad extensions can also be included to provide users with additional information. Search ads are ranked according to their bid and Quality Score. Their headline, display URL, and description text all work to persuade users to click.

Assuming you’ve seen (and most likely clicked on) a Google ad, your potential customers have too.

It’s no secret that these days, the higher the quality of your paid searches, the higher the number of clicks you get — resulting in a higher chance of gaining new customers. Hence, Google Ads has become increasingly popular among companies of all types. In this lesson, we’ll explain how to start advertising on Google. We’ll discuss its specialities and how you can increase your clicks with your ads to get the best results.

What are Google Ads?
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a marketing method that involves paying for each click or impression (CPM) on an ad.

With Google Ads, you may drive qualified traffic to your firm or attract good-fit customers by paying for each click or impression. Google Ads allows you to boost website traffic, get more telephone calls, and increase in-store visits by means of an advertising campaign.

You may use Google Ads to create and distribute well-timed ads (both mobile and desktop) to your target audience. As a result, your business will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) when your target audience uses Google Search or Google Maps to find products and services like yours. You can reach your target audience when it makes sense for them to see your ad.

Google Ads will help your PPC management Manchester agency analyse and improve your ads so you can reach all of your paid campaign goals over time.

Types of Google Ads Campaigns

By using Google Ads, you can evaluate and improve your campaigns to reach all of your paid campaign goals over time.

#Search Ads

On Google search results pages, text advertisements are known as search ads.

Search ads are most effective when they appear where searchers look for information first, on Google. Because your ad appears in the same format as other results (except for being identified as an “Ad”), users are used to seeing and clicking on them.

One variation of Search Ads is Responsive Search Ads. You can enter up to 15 different headline and ad copy alternatives for Google to pick the best performers for displaying to users in responsive search ads. Traditional ads consist of a single, static version of the ad, where you enter the same headline and description every time. With a Google responsive ad, the ad is automatically tested to see if the most clicks are obtained before arriving at the most suitable version.

#Display Ad Campaigns

The Google Display Network is a network of websites in many industries that choose to display Google Ads to earn income. The website owner profits because he or she is paid for every click or impression on the ads. Advertisers get their content in front of audiences aligned with their target persona. These ads typically feature photographs rather than text.

#Video Ad Campaigns

Search on YouTube is just as important as a regular search. The right keywords will catch the user’s attention and disrupt their browsing behaviour just enough to grab their attention.

#App Ad Campaigns

You can advertise your mobile application through ads displayed on the Google Search Network, YouTube, Google Play, Google Display Network, and more via the Google App Campaigns. You can encourage your audience to install your app or, if they already use it, to take a particular action.

You don’t design an App ad campaign; instead, you provide Google with your app’s information and audience and then place a bid. Google handles the rest.

#Shopping Ad Campaigns

Shopping campaigns, like other Google Ad types, are available on search results pages and include product information like pricing and pictures. These ads, like other Google Ad types, are displayed on SERPs and include detailed product information. You can create shopping ads through Google Merchant Center, where you provide particular product information that Google uses to generate the ads. Shopping ads, therefore, appear alongside other brands when you search for a certain item. Instead of advertising your brand as a whole, you can promote specific items and product lines through shopping ads.

Google Ads should be part of your paid strategy, because of their reach and authority. To give your PPC campaign the best chance of success, get in touch with SEO MCR, pay per click agency Manchester, today.

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