PPC Conversion Rates

Organic reach is changing. Particularly if you’re using PPC Manchester based strategies. And these changes aren’t particularly good. Brands wanting to reach audiences now have a higher mountain to climb.

As a result, Search Engine Marketing will likely be the way brands recapture attention. However, this makes for a lot of competition. The question is, how can your pay per click Manchester based strategy get the results you’re looking for? And what KPIs (key performance indicators) would it be good to track and measure?

The most important KPI with your PPC strategies is your conversion rate. To test your approach to see if you’re making progress and boost your ROI, you simply need to optimize that rate.

PPC Conversion Rates


Here are a few simple tactics you can use to boost your PPC conversion rates.

Optimising Your Keyword Quality

Google’s business model is all about providing relevant information to searchers. When it comes to your organic results and your AdWords, there is no difference. Google assigns your target keywords a quality score when you’re using a PPC agency in Manchester to set up your AdWords campaign. Your QS and your CPC bid determine your “Ad Rank.”

The other factors included in your QS include:

  • The relevance of your ad
  • Landing page experience
  • Expected CTR (Click Through Rate)

Most PPC experts look at CTR as the most important factor when deciding on QS. So it’s a good idea when you want to start optimising your QS to look at your CTR.

You’ll also want to analyse your keyword relevancy according to your ad campaigns. How does your copy align with your search results and what the goal of the searcher is?

You might want to create separate Ad Groups for the keywords you want to target. This allows you to cater to specific searchers.

Additionally, your copy should also sell the benefits of clicking on your ad. Why should the searcher want to pay attention to what you have to say? Let them know up front. Your headlines should be relevant and hone in on the pain points of your audience.

After doing all this you’ll also want to take the same approach with your landing page.

Tap Into Remarketing Based on KPIs

PPC in Manchester isn’t just about optimising your ads, it’s also about remarketing when you need to. Bounce rates increasing could indicate that you want to improve your landing pages. To capture any missed opportunities, you need to work on remarketing.

Bounced visitors might require a different CTA than customers who are ready to buy now. Think about the product you’re demonstrating and how your audience might react to it. What would motivate them to stick around? Maybe a free eBook or a white paper that demonstrates the quality of your work could be a strong CTA.

Think about what your audience wants and then deliver on that.  Don’t be afraid to remarket your PPC ads. This process can get you far more for your investment. Get creative and personalise your ad whenever possible.

A few tips might also include:

  • Try out different lead magnets
  • Drop names whenever possible
  • Manipulate dynamic targeting for your favor

Use remarketing to capture lost users and to increase your customers. Don’t use the same messaging unless you’d like to waste money.

Leverage AI

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning offer a better way to market. For AdWords, this might mean automated bid and budget managing or other high-performance adjustments. According to Marketing Land, conversions via machine learning devices lead to:

  • An increase in conversions of 71 percent
  • A median increase in conversions of 22 percent

By using this technology you eliminate human error. AI itself promises huge difference in conversions and allows us to exclude extremes giving us the percentages that Marketing Land came up with above.

Start Testing Ads

Another key component to improve pay per click Manchester based ads is to test your ads. To eliminate the confusion over what ads are working and which ones are not, you have to capture as much SERP real estate as possible. This requires creativity and taking up space with more ads.

The key to doing this is to test different ad extensions on top-performing campaigns. Expand your ad with more information and give people more reasons to choose you. Doing so will increase your ad’s click-through rate.

You can extend your ads by providing links to other pages on your website that relate to the campaign and taking other approaches.


Use these tips to start boosting your PPC ads, and if you’re looking for a PPC agency in Manchester to help, give us a call. We’d love to help you.

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