Retargeting and remarketing are terms which are used quite often in the conversations we have with our clients – we are PPC specialists Manchester after all. However, not everyone is clear as to what these words mean, and what the differences between them are – and this is really important stuff to know. Retargeting and […]

If you are a local business who is working with a PPC Agency Manchester then you will have no doubt heard about Local Service Ads (LSAs) – and if you haven’t then you need to change agencies! There has been a lot of buzz in the PPC Manchester world recently about Local Service Ads (LSAs), […]

In case you hadn’t realised, Google is in the process of rolling out mobile-first indexing (MFI). Originally, they were supposed to switch over to the mobile-first index in September this year (2020) but this has now been delayed until March 2021 – after all, it is a HUGE move and they have had a global […]

COVID-19 has had an impact on many businesses, with physical operations either slowing down or having to stop completely. This has led some business owners to slow down their marketing operations as well, as they don’t feel that there is a point while their business isn’t open. However, investing in marketing and SEO is more […]

The COVID-19 crisis has had a huge impact on individuals and businesses the world over. As SEO consultants manchester we have seen its impact on search at close hand. However, with lockdown restrictions now starting to ease it is time we start thinking about how we respond to the changes we have seen, and come […]

It is fair to see that most (if not all) businesses across the world have been affected in some way by the Coronavirus outbreak, and pay per click agency Manchester is no exception. Unless you are a seller of toilet roll, face masks, or hand sanitiser the impact of the COVID-19 virus on your PPC […]

The world is in the grip of COVID-19 at the moment, and more and more of our clients are turning to us to ask; ‘should we launch our new product, campaign, or content?’ And our answer is usually: 1) Don’t stop marketing2) Do stop self-marketing3) Don’t create only crisis content4) Show you’re helping COVID-19 has […]

Online marketing seems to focus on getting customers to click through to your website, but actually getting customers to call you can end up being more valuable to you. Even if a customer clicks through to your website, you may still have to call them to follow up on their interest, so why not use […]

Local SEO is key for small businesses that operate on a local level, rather than a national level. Local SEO Manchester, for example, will focus on marketing your brand and products or services to customers and leads in the Manchester area – as opposed to trying to get you ranking in the UK as a […]

There have been lots of changes to Google’s Algorithm over the past few years, with more and more focus being put on user intent. One of the key changes we have seen is the introduction of the knowledge graph. But what is it and how does an SEO Agency Manchester go about getting your brand […]