UK Oncology is a worldwide directory of oncology specialists aimed at giving information for cancer patients. They contacted SEO MCR as they needed a secure, responsive questionnaire to be added to their website to gather important patient data securely, and they also needed to improve their ranking on search engine sites.


  • Redevelopment of an existing Joomla website

  • Build a secure questionnaire for patients to use before meeting an Oncologist

  • Increase the site’s Google ranking for specific keywords

The Challenge

Getting to grips with an existing site there are always challenges, dealing with potentially buggy code, working out how things have been strung together in the background, potentially over a period of time using outdated methodologies or languages, it can be a minefield!

The Strategy

Our web development team needed to take over the development of the Joomla website, and create a fresher, more attractive and informative service. In addition, we needed to implement an SEO strategy that would increase the website traffic and get the site higher in Google’s rankings. Finally, we were asked to create a digital version of a paper form and produce a meaningful report for the experts behind the site, in a structured format.

The Return

After taking over the development of the website and performing an initial, in-depth keyword analysis, we started to work on the business’ objectives. We enacted a tailored SEO strategy that succeeded in improving the website traffic and raise the site in Google’s rankings. Our technical development team worked to build a questionnaire form that was encrypted and therefore secure for patients to use, and incorporated JavaScript to create a responsive and elegant solution. Our web development team successfully took on development of the Joomla website, and managed to deliver on all criteria set out by the client