Simon Thompson

Simon Thompson SEO MCR
SEO MCR CEO & Founder Simon Thompson based in Manchester, UK.

Simon Thompson


Simon Thompson is best know for Co-founding, a search engine for student accommodation that has been google No.1 for ‘student accommodation’ since 2000.

Over the years, many people have approached Simon with a view to him helping them to optimise their websites. Simon kept palming them off as the reality is SEO takes both TIME and EFFORT. Why would simon want to spend time helping people with their websites when he can spend time on his own?!

With 177 million websites competing for positioning on the web and google taking every step to make sure it is a level playing field, it is not surprising that only the best websites make it to the top of the search engines.

As the SEO enquiries have not stopped coming in, Simon has assembled what he calls ‘The A Team’ – A team of ex-special forces soldiers on the lam from the military police?… no, not that one… A Team of SEO professionals with specialist areas of SEO knowledge and skills who can a) identify all site issues b) do keyword research properly c) suggest (or make) website changes c) curate top quality content that actually gets read, liked and shared d) link you up with other sites that are relevant and will give you traffic.