Whitehat Vs Blackhat SEO Practices—What You Should Know

The online world exists in duality: white hat and black hat. While not 100% different, each type of SEO can produce very different results.

Whitehat Vs Blackhat SEO Practices—What You Should Know


Should you be on the hunt for an SEO guru in Manchester, you need to know the difference between these types of SEO. Commonly referred to as the ethical and unethical SEO practices, black and white hat techniques have a powerful influence over your business and website.

Black Hat SEO

Techniques used to rank your website higher through unethical means are known as black hat SEO. The best SEO services in Manchester aren’t likely to use black hat SEO techniques.

Black hat SEO is 100% disapproved of by search engines. Some bad SEO practices include:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link Farming
  • Blog Comment Spamming
  • Cloaked Pages
  • Invisible Texts
  • Doorway Pages

Black hat SEO is a short-sighted solution for a long-term problem. Building your website and having it ranked on the first page of search results doesn’t happen overnight. Any so-called SEO expert in Manchester who promises immediate results isn’t doing you any favors.

White Hat SEO

Unlike black hat SEO techniques, white hat SEO creates content for your users instead of search engines. Accessibility is the core goal of these techniques. White hat practices follow all guidelines put forth by search engines. Readability, relevance, and well-written content flow seamlessly into the role of powerful white hat techniques.

Some good SEO practices include:

How it Affects Your Website

Thousands of easy backlinks and high rankings make black hat techniques tempting. The consequences of implementing these practices, however, include banishment from top search engines, penalties in the form of lower rankings, and being disavowed from search results altogether.

Working with an SEO guru in Manchester who truly gets both black hat and white hat practices guarantees a better result your business. Not only that, you’re doing your audience a favor by helping them locate the higher quality content they want. The best SEO services in Manchester center on powerful and relevant content. When you choose that over the alternative, the search engines will thank you.

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