Where to Start When Creating a Website for Your Business

Your business, whatever it is, needs a website.

Whether you have been open for many years, or just launched yesterday, a website is essential as it opens up many opportunities for you. Working with a website design agency in Manchester will position you as an expert in your field, act as a lead generator – and can even open up your business to new markets.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways in which a website can help to improve your businesses chances of success, talk about the different types of websites you might want to consider, and who can help you turn your digital dream into reality (hint: it starts with SEO and ends with MCR)!

The importance of a website for a new business

Having a website takes you from being a local business to a global one.

Take it from a company that has been offering website design in Manchester for many years. Having a presence online will massively extend your market reach. Massively.

Even if you are not interested in global domination, having a website means that people can find you – rather than you having to market yourselves to them or wait for a friend to tell them about you.

A great website, designed and built by SEO MCR, can encourage customers to connect with you and understand the way you work, and learn more about the services you offer wherever they are in the world at whatever time they choose. Your website does not have opening hours – it is always available to share your message with your potential customers.

Now that we’ve shown you that your website can help you to get yourself in front of more potential customers, we can talk about how it can also help you to get these potential customers to like, and trust you, more. A well-created website is a great place to showcase your brand values, the personality behind your brand, and the way that you work. We can use images, the way we lay your site out, testimonials, videos and so much more to really help potential customers to get a good understanding of what it will be like to work with you – before they have even stepped foot into your office or store.

A great website showcases your work for the whole world to see, and so having information about your company background, an online portfolio of work you have completed, and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section helps to build credibility as clients can learn more about you and see that you are here to stay. Just having a website means that you care enough about your business to invest in an online presence that reflects the way your business operates. Most customers these days will research your company online before deciding to do business with you, so gaining their trust with a credible website that builds authenticity is vital.

What types of websites are there?

So, now you really want a website for your business, but you don’t know where to begin! Let’s look at the primary types of websites you may want to invest in for your business.

#1 Portfolio Site

This is the simplest way of establishing your presence online, and usually includes a blog, a contact form, and sometimes a gallery. It can be a good lead generation tool as it allows potential customers to see your work online while they are still in the research phase.

#2 e-Commerce Site

Another common type of business website is the e-Commerce site where customers can purchase products or services on your site, process a payment, and even receive a receipt. E-Commerce sites can also be a great way to open your business up to wider opportunities as people can transact on them regardless of where they are or what time it is.

#3 Connection Site

This is a website that includes some additional functionality beyond a simple portfolio or e-Commerce site, for example, a restaurant owner might want a booking facility added or an educational establishment might want customers to be able to download course materials.

Who can help me to build a website?

Your daughter might have a friend who builds websites. However, we have heard more horror stories about friends and family building websites than having had hot dinners!

Here at SEO MCR our web development team works directly with you to get a thorough understanding of your business. We want to have in-depth knowledge so that we can help you not only build your brand and design your website but also create your marketing campaigns and so much more. Our relationships with our clients are super important to us, and we want your business to succeed as much as you do, so nothing gives us more pleasure than to see a client’s new website go live.

How to get started with your business website If you don’t know where to start and are looking for some help, don’t worry – the team at SEO MCR, website design agency Manchester, is here to help. We offer a free web quote to help you identify your website goals and map out a proposed project. Tell us about your project and request your free quote now

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