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One of the most common questions we get asked as a website design agency Manchester is how to increase traffic to websites. This is a common issue throughout many industries, as HubSpot’s latest ‘State of Inbound’ report showed, with the interesting statistic that 61% of marketers indicating that generating website traffic is their top challenge. So, we have rounded up some of our top tips that should help you to increase the amount of traffic to site:

#Post High Quality Blogs Regularly

One of the best ways to generate both new leads and encourage more traffic to your website, is to post high-quality blog post on a regular basis. Other recent research by Hubspot also showed that companies that blog had far better business results, including 55% more visitors and 97% more inbound links. Your aim should therefore be to have a regularly updated well-written blog which addresses the interests and problems faced by your target audience.

#Optimise Content for Google Search

The stats say it all. 35% of website referral traffic comes from Google reports Shareaholic, and NetMarketShare has found that 72% of all website traffic from search engines comes from Google. Therefore it follows that if you want more website traffic you need to focus on optimising your website and its content for Google. There is a lot of information on our blog about how to write content to improve your search rankings, so we won’t go into detail in this post.

#Be Active on Social Media

Many businesses have gone down the route of setting up social media profiles, as they feel they need to be on social media, but they fail at converting this following into actual website traffic. To succeed at this, you need to be posting strong content which links back to your website – including blog posts, company news, and promotions.

#Use Visual Content

Basic science tells us that as humans we are visual by nature and this is becoming more obvious in the types of searches that are becoming more popular. Google itself has picked up on this change, and has now made its Google Image Search easier to use and more robust. This means if your website design Manchester contains high quality, engaging images which are search optimised then you should be able to capture some of this search traffic. High quality images are even more important for ecommerce sites as 75% of customers state they have been inspired to make purchases based on video and images.

#Run PPC ads

PPC ads (Pay per Click) are a type of paid search marketing where advertisers pay a set amount of money each time their advert is clicked. PPC ads are therefore a great way to generate traffic to your website from the exact audience you are targeting, plus as the people who click on your adverts are motivated to complete their purchase then they are the most likely way you will be able to generate leads for your business.

#Improve your SEO

If you are not on top of the changes in SEO, and making sure your website is optimised for them, then you are hurting your website traffic without knowing it. You should undertake a regular SEO audit on your website to ensure you are not making any of the common SEO mistakes, to ensure your website is performing well and to ensure you are providing your customers with a great user experience.

#Get Listed in Online Directories

If someone is looking for the type of products or services that your company offers, then they may look in an online directory to find a company that can offer them that. So, getting your company listed in various online directories is a great way to catch their attention and create new leads. Do some research on online directories which are relevant to your industry and make sure they are reputable before you try and get your company listed on there.

#Create a YouTube Channel

Along with the increase in the popularity of images, the popularity of videos has also sky rocketed as well. YouTube recently reported that over 1.9 billion people watch videos on their platform every month, while they see 30 million active visitors each day. So, if you create a YouTube channel for your business and populate it with how-to educational videos then you should see an increase in the number of visitors to site, as viewers should click through to your site to find out more. It also makes it easier to embed videos onto your website if they are already hosted on YouTube.

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