Student Homes in Plymouth

Student Homes in Plymouth are a local family run business and have been managing their own student properties in Plymouth for nearly 30 years. The business, however, had no website and so came to SEOMCR to help build an online presence.


  • Design and Build a website from scratch
  • Optimise the site and its content for SEO purposes
  • Provide on-going SEO services to continuously ensure the site ranks well for its target keywords

The Challenge

With no existing online presence, our expert web development team worked from scratch to build a website that Student Homes in Plymouth would be proud to represent their business.

The Strategy

Our design team designed an impactful and engaging website that was then developed to be optimised for search engines, with content which ensure they can be found on google as easily as possible by the right clientele.

The Return

The business now appears on the first page of results in Google for “Student Homes Plymouth” and the client has a website that they are delighted with.

Site now appears in the top 10 for multiple high traffic student housing Plymouth related keywords. New site was ranked top 10 within 3 months of launch.