Pak Print

Pakprint are the premier SIAT distributor in the UK, and supply a full range of Siat Case sealing, Stretch Wrapping and Shrink Wrapping Machinery. SEO MCR were brought in to redevelop their website and help them rank higher for key target keywords.


  • Redevelop their website
  • Build new, accompanying, website
  • Improve position for key target keywords
  • Increase relevant search traffic to their website

The Challenge

With a website not fulfilling its purpose and not reaching the top pages in Google, Pakprint needed SEO MCR to redevelop and improve their online presence.

The Strategy

We redesigned their website focusing on clearer calls to action and an improved impact, while retaining the professionalism of the business. In addition we have started to build a new, accompanying website which will soon be up and running. Through conducting a focused SEO strategy by targeting defined keywords that matched the right niche, we successfully improved Pakprint’s position in the search engines.

The Return

Despite early stages, SEO MCR have already achieved great results with Pakprint seeing a 15% increase in business.