Highways project

Highways is a tarmac and pot hole specialist contract based company operating in the North East of England but covers most of mainland UK. They reached out to SEO MCR because they were focused on generating more business, and knew their online presence was imperative in reaching that goal.


  • Generate more business

The Challenge

Highways UK did not rank on Google at all. Additionally, their website was in desperate need of a complete overhaul.

The Strategy

SEO MCR effectively re-designed the website for an affordable rate, and focused on creating a content strategy that was SEO friendly and targeted to the right niche. They also added a Pay-Per-Click advertising and social media marketing campaign to provide instant exposure and to improve incoming enquiries.

The Return

As a result of the strategy, Highways UK enjoyed a serious peak in new business in short period of time. Their SEO ranking also gradually increased to improve where they showed up in search engine results.