Godwins project
Tree Surgery and arboricultural specialist.


  • Improve Rank for Key Search Terms
  • Generate Qualified Leads and Enquiries

The Challenge

Godwins provides a niche and specialised service, which required a knowledgeable and experienced copywriter to improve page content. SEO MCR used a qualified team member to create comprehensive and high quality content. On the back-end, the website required light structural adjustments. The SEO MCR team was able to handle that as well.

The Strategy

A targeted content lead strategy was implemented. Content is king on Google, and we use strategies proven to work for long-term SEO benefits. We also utilised the latest technology to fix the structural issues and improve the overall look and feel of the website.

The Return

As a result of a focused, targeted and highly researched content strategy, we were able to secure Godwins a top 10 Google placement with key search terms.