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Glide provide bill sharing services and student utility bills to make it easier for student tenants to split the bills into one simple inclusive bill per tenant. Here at SEO MCR, we work with them to increase their position on Google, develop a PPC campaign and to provide the business with site content.


  • To implement an in-depth PPC campaign
  • Target top keywords to increase ranking on Google
  • To increase traffic to the website

The Challenge

Glide wanted to increase their Google position and increase traffic to their website, but with some big competitors they needed experts to ensure success.

The Strategy

The SEO MCR team implemented a PPC campaign that is both in-depth and changes with the season, allowing for a greater return. We also worked with Glide to implement a large remarketing and retargeting campaign, which previously did not exist. In addition, an expert content writer supplies the business with great content, rich in key words to increase their position on Google.

The Return

As a result, the SEO MCR team increased their site traffic through improving their Google position and through the highly successful PPC campaign.