Fireplace Superstore

Fireplace Superstore Client Logo

Fireplace Superstore is one of the UK leading retailers of fireplaces and stoves. They were established in 1998 and have remained at the top of their game since. With no online presence before coming to SEO MCR, we were able to set them up with a website as well as optimise their site for a high Google positioning.


  • Build a bespoke website using a shopping cart engine
  • Optimise the new site for Google
  • Introduce a successful PPC campaign
  • Develop a social media presence across all platforms

The Challenge

With no previous online presence at all, the SEO MCR team had to work from scratch to get Fireplace Superstores on the online radar.

The Strategy

Our web developers successfully built an aesthetic and easy-to-use website for Fireplace Superstores to showcase their products and to sell online. From this website, we made sure it was optimised for Google and implemented a strategy to get them higher on the search engine. In addition we ran a successful PPC campaign and created a social media campaign that allowed the business to be found on Facebook and Twitter.

The Return

Since SEO MCR started working with Fireplace Superstore, their business has doubled.