Fashion Legs

Fashion Legs is a UK-based boutique hosiery company specialising in providing a fantastic range of premium legwear. They came to SEO MCR needing help with improving their rankings on Google.


  • Improve rank for key search terms
  • Increase website traffic.

The Challenge

 As Fashionlegs are a niche and specialised business, a knowledgeable and experienced copywriter was required to improve page content. SEO MCR used a qualified team member to create comprehensive and high-quality content. On the back-end, the website required some technical adjustments, which the SEO development team handled.

The Strategy

A targeted content-led strategy was implemented. Content is king on Google, and we use strategies proven to work for long-term SEO benefits. We also optimised the site’s meta settings to ensure success.

The Return

We have achieved a good number of keyword improvements on, there are now 14 top target keywords in the top 10 results on Google, and 2 in the top 3 results.