Bark and Branch

Bark and Branch Client Logo

Bark and Branch are vegetation management specialists from trees to invasive weeds. They were struggling with their Google positioning and came to us to give them the boost they needed on the search engines.


  • Increase their Google position for specific keywords
  • Increase traffic to their website
  • Provide content for their website

The Challenge

Bark and Branch were really struggling to be found on Google and didn’t appear in the local Google Business listings. In addition, the specialist services that Bark and Branch offer required an experienced copywriter to improve their page content.

The Strategy

SEOMCR applied focused target keywords through in-depth keyword research to increase Bark and Branch’s position on Google. In addition, we had the business verified in order for them to appear on the local business listings in Google. For their content strategy, we placed a qualified member of our team to create comprehensive and high quality content.

The Return

As a result of our work, Bark and Branch have seen traffic to their website increased by 30% and have increased their position in Google for specific key terms.