Is Your Website Design Hurting Conversions? Here Are a Few Signs It Is

Website Design

Website Design

48% of people decide whether or not a website is credible based on website design. How does your website stack up?

On the surface, it seems rather easy to pick out a template, pull together some cool photos, and then slap on some copy. But that’s only going to get you so far.

As a website design agency in Manchester, we help out countless small businesses by offering website design services that get them better results. Our goal is to make you look credible and give your clients a friendly user experience.

But what if the website you have right now is tanking your conversion rates? Is there a way you can easily know whether it’s your website design or something else hurting conversions? How can you tell the difference?

We don’t want your website design to hurt your company. That’s why we’ve gathered a few common signs that your website design is responsible for low conversion rates.

Sign # 1. You Only Use Stock Photography

Stock photography has its place. It belongs on blog posts or alongside less important conversion points on your site.

It does not, however, belong on pages where you expect people to take action.

Professional photography does so much more than make your site look good. It gives users the impression you genuinely care about what you do, and back to the first stat we mentioned, it also makes you look credible.

Forbes even named professional photography one of its top design trends for 2017.

Images are easier for people to consume and represent the core branding of your business. If you’re tossing up any old stock photo you can expect far fewer conversions and results from your site.

Sign #2. There isn’t Enough White Space on Your Page

No one likes clutter.

Clean, easy to follow and navigate website design is not only preferred it’s expected.

If people do not find your website easy to look at they’ll look elsewhere for the product, service, or information they need.

Appeal to your website designer to choose a template or design that works well with the current trend. Modern, minimalist design is ideal for getting your message without overwhelming people.

Cut out rotating sliders, animations, and flashy ad banners. Stick to the basics. Images and clean lines. The rest will work itself out.

Sign #3. There’s no clear Call-To-Action

Another big no-no of website design is a lack of a CTA.

There is no point in having a website if, well, there is no point to having one. You need to capture your audience’s attention quickly and you need to do it with a powerful CTA.

Most visitors don’t get past the fold of a website before they decide whether or not they’ll stick around. Make the most of this space by putting your offer there.

This might be your eBook, free download, email subscriber CTA or something else. But whatever you do make it crystal clear what you want people to do as soon as they arrive at your site so they don’t feel misled.

Sign #4. It isn’t SEO Optimised

Despite what many assume, there is such a thing as ‘bad’ traffic. Ultimately you want people to show up to your site to buy whatever you are selling or to follow you.

Part of the battle in doing this is to attract the right type of person. We recently wrote about PPC ad campaigns and how important it is to target your ads correctly, and you want to do the same thing with your on-page SEO.

Target keywords that you know your audience is searching for. Create a buyer persona so you know what that might be and then implement your results into your on-page content.

Sign #5. It’s Impossible to Navigate

Don’t you hate going to a store where there’s no clear direction to where things might be?

Your website could be giving users the same experience.

If people don’t know where to find your contact form, blog, or FAQ pages they could feel lost and will eventually click off your site altogether.

Your website design needs to seamlessly guide people from one page to the next with no confusion along the way.

Sign #6. No clear messaging on your site

Your website is a branding tool. It’s number one job is to spread the word about your business in a positive way.

When looking for website design in Manchester, keep an eye out for designers who get the importance of branding. From the colors you choose to the font on your copy, you should keep branding in mind at all times.

For more information about how your website could be hurting conversions, please contact our website design agency in Manchester. We’d love to walk you through the ropes of website design.

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