Content—A Key Factor in SEO Ranking

Before you do anything with your SEO strategy, the first step is to create quality content.

No matter if you’re trying to rank high in local SEO Manchester or if you just need a basic SEO in Manchester strategy, your content will dictate how your content ranks.

Not sure how to create quality content or what elements matter in local search engine optimisation in Manchester? Then let’s start with the basics, quality.

Content—A Key Factor in SEO Ranking

Quality Content—How to Achieve It

Are you producing quality content? How do you know if you are or if you aren’t?

One key way to know if you are is to analyze the value you’re providing. Is the information you’re sharing with your readers available on any website or can they only find it on your website? What reason do people have for spending more time on your website than they do on thousands of other websites?

Don’t skimp on quality content and don’t glaze over when you’re trying to create a quality content plan. This is the most important part of your overall SEO strategy. Local SEO Manchester strategies should start with content that is relevant to a local audience.

Some important factors to keep in mind if you’re striving to build quality content:

  • Void of grammar and spelling errors
  • The title is relevant to the content
  • You deliver on what you promise in relation to your keywords
  • You give readers something of value to take away

Using Keywords in Your Content for Better SEO

Once you have a strategy down to produce quality content, the next step is to develop a keyword strategy that works.

It all starts with keyword research.

Your content should be borne from the keywords you develop based on that research. Figure out the actual search terms people use. The goal of your content is to answer the questions that those queries are asking.

For example, someone might search for, “How to combat dry skin?” your job is to come up with an answer to that question in the form of relevant, fresh information.

You also want to write your content in the right language that the reader can understand and will want to click on when they see it.

Once you write the content you’ve come up with, the next step is to edit it. Don’t skip this step!

Make sure you’re using the keywords you researched in the right spots throughout your page. You don’t have to worry too much about bolding those keywords or putting them in the first sentence, but you will want to use them well throughout the content.

How often should you use them? Well, there’s no magic number, unfortunately. This goes back to Google’s desire to have organic, natural content, not something that’s stuffed with countless keywords.

Use your best judgement and think about the words people would use to search for your content and use them naturally. You can switch your pronouns and plurality as well since that increases the range you’re going to hit.

Using Fresh Content

Another important factor in your local search engine optimisation in Manchester is fresh content. Search engines are big on new content.

It is impossible to update your pages every day to make them fresh or add new pages just because you want to.

However, it is important to have fresh content because Google often does “Query Deserved Freshness (QDF)” checks. This happens when breaking news hits typically. Google applies QDF to the term that is being searched to see if your site has fresh content. Your fresh content will give your search results a significant boost in rankings as well.

If you use the right content at the right time with the right keywords, you could find your page on the top of the page for search results.

Wrapping It Up

Your SEO in Manchester strategy should hone in on local content that is relevant and keyword based. If you use these tips, then your local SEO Manchester based strategy can produce high-quality results. For more information about local search engine optimisination in Manchester, please reach out to our team today. We’d love to walk you through more tips and techniques to help your website rank high in search results.

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