ppc Manchester

ppc Manchester

Most small business owners start sweating the moment someone mentions Pay Per Click, Pay Per View, or Click-Through Rates. The good news is, you don’t have to stress.

We’ve created a helpful guide to introduce you to the world of Pay Per Click advertising in Manchester, to show you how can make the most of this service.

What’s In It for You?

Over a million businesses use PPC advertising to improve their inbound marketing. If you aren’t using them, you’re missing out on a quality resource for your business.

A few of the prime benefits to using ppc in Manchester include:

Targeting — There’s no greater tool to target visitors at varying stages of the sales funnel than by using PPC ads. You can tailor your campaign to focus on those who are searching for information around your business, those who are looking to buy your product, and those who are likely to click the “buy” button. No other strategy is as diverse.

Budget is a non-factor — No amount of money can ‘buy’ you more traffic with PPC advertising. Instead, you can pay as little as you’d like and focus on the content of your ad to promote better results. Price is driven by demand and value, so the better your ads are the more you get out of them.

Greater Advertising Control You can start or stop your ads as you please, tweak them as you see fit, focus on local or international audiences, and more with Google AdWords.

Getting Started

The quality of your campaign determines its outcome. Greater control means more work for you. Here’s a few steps to take to make sure you’re ready for a campaign of this magnitude.

1. Make Sure Your Landing Pages or Websites Are Ready

The content of your landing pages should match that of your ad campaign. The last thing you want is to confuse the bought traffic coming to your site. Use the same Call-To-Actions (CTAs) you’re using your ads, change the voice to match, and don’t send all your content to the same page. Branch out, and use several websites to sell your product or website.

2. Outline Your Goals

Do you want to sell one of your more expensive offerings? Are you more concerned with adding members to your site? Do you want to increase email subscribers? Whatever it is you’re hoping to accomplish, make sure it’s crystalised in your mind before you start using a PPC agency in Manchester.

3. Identify keywords that Maximise Your Campaign Ads

This is critical. Your keywords should target qualified traffic. While it is time-consuming, there’s no substitute for keyword research. And don’t make the mistake of doing keyword research only once. The best advertisers continually refine their keywords.

Understanding Google AdWords

A quick overview of Google AdWords can be found on their site, but we’ll briefly summarise the most important components of this important facet of PPC.

Paid search tools work like this:

  • You identify terms that a user might input into to Google.
  • You create an advert that appears above the SERP based on those exact terms.

Not only will your advert remain in bold—making it easier to spot—, but it also will be in competition with other companies targeting the same search term.

While we mentioned earlier budget is a non-factor, there is one hiccup; you will be bidding against companies for each term and the more you pay the more your ad shows up in search results.

However, perhaps more important, Google uses a metric called ‘quality score’ to determine the relevance of your ad for searchers. Other factors such as how many previous clicks your ad received, and how relevant your landing page is to your ad all determine your quality score.

How to Make it Work For You

When thinking about your ads it’s important to create ones that accurately represent your offering.

Step 1. Show them Your Value

What is it you’re offering that’s different from your competition? Make sure it’s a part of your ad.

Step 2. Use keywords that are relevant to your business.

We can’t stress this enough. If you don’t know what keywords are relevant to your business, hire a PPC agency in Manchester to find them for you.

Step 3. Clearly List Your Prices to Qualify Your Traffic

Each ad costs you. Get the most out of your investment by advertising your pricing in plain English.

Step 4. Give them Peace of Mind

Provide a guarantee in your ad. “Delivery in 4 days or it’s free!” “Free Delivery On All Orders” etc., give your customers a reason to click.

Step 5. Highlight Product Features

Showcase the best of what you’re offering by highlighting one or two product features. Let people know what they can expect when they click on your link.

Professional PPC Agencies Can Help

If you’re thinking about pay per click for your Manchester based business, we want to help. We maximise and craft data-based PPC ads that benefit your bottom line. To learn more about what we do, please reach out to our team today.



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