8 Actions Your Social Media Agency Should Be Taking

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Have you hired a social media agency in Manchester, but don’t really know what they should be doing for your business?

Well, as a professional digital marketing agency in Manchester, we know exactly what your agency should be doing to get you the results you want.

To help you compare your company, check out the following 10 actions your social media agency should be taking to get your business the traffic it deserves.

#1. Targeting the Right Social Media Channel for Your Business

There are over 200 social media channels (that’s right, over 200 according to Wikipedia). And because the world changes exponentially fast, that number grows every day.

How is your company expected to keep up?

Well, your online marketing agency in Manchester should be targeting the right agency for your business.

Every social media channel has a distinct audience. It’s your agency’s job to figure out where your audience hangs out. They should focus your investment in a place they know will get results.


#2. Using Context as a Guideline for the Content They Post

Context is everything. While content is king, without context it can’t hammer your message home. It’s all about knowing what goes over well where.

For example, on Instagram, videos are insanely popular. Over 250 million active users take to Instagram’s “stories” every day, according to SproutSocial. So what’s that tell us? It tells us that video will go over well there and that the audience on Instagram is typically younger than the Facebook user.

Packaging your content according to the social media platform you’re using is the best way to target your audience.


#3. They produce unique content

Along with targeting the right medium for your social media content, it’s also your digital marketing agency’s job to produce unique content to share there.

While re-sharing other content is a good way to drive up likes, sharing your original content will bring in more users and followers to your accounts.

You’ll also want to think about where your audience is in their understanding of your brand. Are they just finding out you exist? Are they long-term loyal customers? Are they curious about what you do?

Your social media agency in Manchester should be aware of where your audience is in the relationship with you and create content that matches it.


#4. Selectively Engage with Your Audience

Another area that can be quite time-consuming for business owners is engaging with their audience. After all, the last thing you want is to go back and forth for hours with Joe such and such who have no intention of ever buying your products.

Your digital marketing agency in Manchester should pick up on who to share your content communication with. They should be selective.

Their job is to maximise time spent chatting with your audience to guarantee it’s time well spent.


#5. Use Exceptional Images

Tweets that have images do 150% more engagement and enjoy that many more retweets than tweets without images. And on Facebook, posts with images have 2.3 times the engagement than posts without them.

Your image should tell a story about the content of the post or link that you’re sharing. A qualified social media time should know this tactic and use it.


#6. Let data guide their strategy

Data is the steering wheel of your social media vehicle. Your audience is unique, which means you have to know everything you can about them to make the best decision for your social channels.

As an online marketing agency in Manchester, we use cold hard data to decide where to post, when to post, and what to post for our customers. The result is better engagement and increased traffic.


#7. Doing the basics every day

Obviously, posting daily is a basic requirement to any successful social media marketing strategy. Another few points include:

  • Using hashtags where appropriate
  • Networking with other brands on social media
  • Optimising images for each platform


#8. Reposting old content

Your agency shouldn’t be afraid to repost old content that you’ve shared previously. You can use long-form content, in particular, for weeks at a time to drive engagement and interactions with your audience. Recirculating content is a great way to use what you already have to build up your traffic.

Your website should have “evergreen” content available to repost regularly. This content isn’t easily outdated and can be shared multiple times.


Wrapping it Up

Social media is a complex and often confusing world. It changes rapidly. That’s why your business needs to partner with a team that’s on the cutting edge.

At SEOMCR we strive to be that team. We implement the strategies we’ve laid out here for every client we work with. We can do the same for you. Please reach out to us today and let us be your social media agency in Manchester.

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