5 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Local SEO

All locally based businesses can earn more money by targeting local search engine optimisation in Manchester. Whether you are a plumber, accountant, or freelancer, local SEO helps you target an audience that is actively searching for your services. Still not convinced? Here’s five more reasons why you should make the switch to local SEO services.

5 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Local SEO

Reason 1). Local consumers are using the internet more than ever to find local businesses.

Gone are the days of shifting through a phone book to try and find a good local business. Thanks to the internet, people can type a few keywords in Google and choose from a list of rated local businesses. Is your business on the list? If not, it’s time for local SEO Manchester based services.

Reason 2). Higher conversions.

Not only does local SEO make you easier to find, it also results in far more conversions than any other advertising channel. Sources show conversions as high as 1 in 2 customers for local SEO searches.

Reason 3). Get in front of more customers.

Local targeted SEO enables customers to find you whether they are using their mobile phone or PC. Local search covers both devices.

Reason 4). Improved ROI

Unlike other traditional advertising outlets such as newspapers and billboards, there is little wasted investment in local SEO in Manchester. Even if customers don’t choose your business right away they will recognise your name in their next search, making the more likely to give you a chance. Regardless of the outcome, you still gain exposure that is difficult to match through traditional advertising means.

Reason 5). Online Reviews are more trusted than ever before.

Local search engine optimisation in Manchester creates countless referrals and conversions for our clients, in part because of the reviews local search delivers. More than 70% of consumers say they trust online reviews for local businesses. This gives you a unique advantage when presenting your business through local searches.

If you are ready to target a local audience, increase conversions, and build a bigger business than local SEO in Manchester is the right service for you. With a little guidance from the pros, you can connect with more customers and increase sales.

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