4 Pay-Per-Click Trends for Small Businesses in 2017

4 Pay-Per-Click Trends for Small Businesses in 2017

Pay per click marketing is one of the hottest marketing tools available. For small businesses, PPC means affordable advertising with a high ROI.

At SEO MCR, we offer small business PPC management, and are constantly looking for the biggest trends associated with this tool. As a pay per click agency in Manchester, we are well aware of how important PPC can be to a businesses’ bottom line. Whether you’re looking for PPC specialists in Manchester or are simply considering using PPC for your small business, follow along as we discuss the top 4 PPC trends of 2017.

1. Live Data

Data is everything, especially in marketing. For 2017, data is going live. Over the past few months we have seen the integration of real-time data for PPC ads, including inventory, product availability, and more. Expect Live Data to be a big trend for PPC ads in 2017.

2. Improvements to Google Search Text Ads

Google search text ads are getting a boost in 2017. The search engine giant has decided to increase the size of textbox ads and to add more ad extensions as well. These extensions are excellent tools for B2C advertising, and make retail businesses more accessible to customers. While this is still in beta, Google will be launching it full scale come 2017.

3. Personal Ad Targeting

Things are going to get personal in 2017. Consumer data is critical to the development of any solid marketing strategy, PPC is no different. Data such as age, education, income, and interests are now available and can be better used to target the right audience. This is an exciting and potentially, prosperous advertising strategy.

4. Video Advertisements

Video is the new content medium. Video ads are also much cheaper than text ads. They offer a unique opportunity for businesses to make a personal connection with their customers. Since YouTube is now owned by Google, it makes logical sense they would be pushing video based ads. Integrating videos into ads has never been easier, and it’s one of the best ways to improve conversion rates.

Whether you’re looking for PPC management in Manchester, require a pay per click agency to help you improve your ROI, or simply want to hire PPC specialists to improve your efforts, SEO MCR can help you profit from these PPC trends.

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