10 Questions to Ask BEFORE Hiring a SEO Agency

10 Questions to Ask BEFORE Hiring a SEO Agency

If you have a website, you need an SEO strategy. That isn’t hyperbole, it’s fact.

As an SEO agency in Manchester, we firmly understand the value of using search engine optimisation in Manchester and beyond. However, we mutually understand the concerns of our customers. Getting the right strategy for your SEO in Manchester and around the UK, involves knowing what you’re agreeing to.

Before you hire ANY agency to handle your SEO needs, first ask them the following brief 10 questions.

1. What do you typically suggest for a business our size?

Get inside their heads, figure out what they think is the best plan of action. You have a right to know their plan before you pay them.

2. What kind of conversion rate can I expect from your service?

Conversion is the only thing that matters in terms of SEO. If their strategy doesn’t make them want to buy, you’re wasting your budget.

3. Is everything handled in-house or do you outsource your work?

This one is important. Companies that outsource their work typically provide less than stellar results and rarely know what’s going on with their team members. Inquire before you buy.

4. When can I expect to start seeing results?

Get a timeline. The longer it takes for results to appear, the more time and investment you waste.

5. What other services do you offer that could prove beneficial to my business long-term?

Solid SEO agencies know that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Sometimes a tweak here or there is necessary. Ask what other services they provide to take your business to the next level.

6. Do you have case studies available for me to view?

Equivalent to seeing samples, case studies prove the company you’re hiring has experience and has produced real results.

7. Do you currently work with any of our competitors?

You need to know if they work with your competition because there could be a breach of interests. Ask up front so you don’t pay to compete.

8. How frequently will we be having meetings?

Qualified businesses will meet with you in person or on the phone at least once a week to keep you up-to-date with your strategies. Make sure communication lines are open up front.

9. How do you analyze campaigns to decide how to move forward?

What do they do when things aren’t working? How do they recalibrate? Ask them up front to ensure you get the greatest results.

10. What kind of termination clause do you have in your contract?

What happens if you aren’t happy with the results? Ask to see their contract before signing up for their services.

As an SEO agency in Manchester, we strive to provide you with what you need to be successful online. Give us a ring for all your search engine optimisation in Manchester and beyond.

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